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Welcome to my personal web site!

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7 String Divas Online Adventures

7/2/06 Boy when I leave a site for awhile,I really leave it alone,don't I? The 4th is nearly upon us,so happy Independence day to everybody reading this! Be safe,be sane,and don't miss the fireworks....
Speaking of fireworks.....yes I've been woodshedding and hanging out as a regular on the Guitar Player mag forum....very cool bunch there. Finally got my Pignose B-700 working so now I can shred while watching football~pre season is approaching! YAY!

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I am making furry scarves,wristbands,purses,legwarmers,etc and making them available to the public! if interested in seeing these hip fashion accessories,hit the link below! Yes, I do goth stuff too!

Yes! I'm interested!

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I am frequently asked "Where do I buy a 7 string at a good price?" My answer is EBay! It's where I got my Dean Ultra 7 at a great price,and brand new at that. So click on the banner above and start l@@king! You won't regret it.

7 String Guitar
7 String Guitar

For more 7 string books like this one,see Sherries' music shoppe page!

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